HoloLens is here. Come say Hello.

Learn, Test and Build with HoloLens in Singapore.
HelloHolo has everything you need to get started with Mixed Reality.

What is HelloHolo?

We're the first initiative in Singapore that brings local developers and companies exclusive access to Microsoft HoloLens.
If you're just looking for a one-day tryout, or want a custom mixed-reality solution, HelloHolo has you covered.

HoloLens Device Rental and Acquisition

HelloHolo allows you to use HoloLens in Singapore without having to purchase one. Build and test your apps on an actual device. Or showcase HoloLens at your next event or meetup. Just loan a device at our affordable rates.

Like it a lot? Accquire the Microsoft HoloLens in Singapore with less risk. We'll import it for you and handle all the hassle on your behalf.

Developer Courses, Guidance & Support

Developing holographic apps can be hard. With HelloHolo's team of experts and instructors, we can get you up and running to build awesome things. We're here to help you to build the next mixed reality.

Bespoke Mixed Reality Experiences

We're here to help you on your journey of exploring the new frontier of mixed reality apps. Our development team is ready to build experimental proof-of-concepts and experiences as a part of your next project or event.


We're building a Mixed Reality future

We are expanding our services in order to better enrich the local community with mixed reality technology.
Look forward to the following services coming in the next few months:

Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

HoloLens is too much of an overkill for what you want to achieve? We will soon offer Windows Mixed Reality VR headsets for a more economical virtual experience.

Holographic Tools and Apps

We're building Holographic Tools that you can rent for your business, including solutions for interior design, floorplan management, and mixed-reality filming.

... and much more!

Have an idea on how we can help you make use of mixed reality tech? Want to work with us in building an app? Give us a ping.

Rong Kang
Technical Lead

Cheng Heng
Sales Lead

Why Us?

The HelloHolo Team

Our Mission: Enrich the local Singaporean community with mixed reality technologies and help developers and companies build the next generation of apps and experiences.

The HelloHolo Pioneer Tenets:

  • Up-to-Date and Skilled
  • Quick and Insightful
  • Passionate and Helpful
  • Professional yet Personal
Introducing: Our Flagship HoloLens Workshop

Spend a day exploring HoloLens App Development

Microsoft HoloLens & UWP App Development Workshop
8-hour, One-Day Workshop | Held Monthly on Saturdays | Introductory Pricing

Pick up the skills and knowledge you require in order to create the next generation of Mixed Reality apps.
Our one-day workshop will help you get started on building your own apps for an actual HoloLens device.

Limitless Potential

Join us and explore the possibilities of Mixed Reality technology and HoloLens.

An Experience for All

Our lessons are designed for anyone with any experience in coding, in any platform.

Focused Sharing

Get personal with a small class size of 4-8 students, and 1-2 HelloHolo instructors.

Want to arrange a private class for your team? Let us know.

Comprehensive Lessons

Our tutorials will take you through building real apps using important Mixed Reality concepts.

Hands-On Approach

Test your apps and those on the Windows Store with actual Microsoft HoloLens devices.

Post-Course Benefits

Join an exclusive community of the first people to build apps for HoloLens.

Packages & Pricing

Access to HoloLens for Every Need

We've designed a few packages specifically to help you make the most of Microsoft HoloLens and Mixed Reality technology.
Don't see something that fits what you need? Drop us an email and we'll help you out.

HoloLens Device Rental

For Developers

S$250and up per Day

Rent a HoloLens device to develop and test your apps at your premises. We'll help you start up and get your app up and running.
  • Full Access to Microsoft HoloLens
  • Basic Developer Support
  • Flexible Rental Plans available

For Events

S$575per 3 Hours

Get everything you need for an awesome hands-on demo of HoloLens at your event. Mind-blown attendees? Check.
  • Live Streaming AV display from HoloLens
  • On-site HelloHolo Pioneer

Custom Solutions & Projects

Experimental Projects

S$8,000and up, depending on requirements

Our small but nimble HelloHolo development team will work closely with you to construct an experimental, proof-of-concept HoloLens app for your business, allowing you to gain insights on how Mixed Reality can be integrated into your work.
  • Experimental/Exploratory Tests $8,000 and up
  • Scoped Proof of Concepts $20,000 and up
  • Complete Implementations $50,000 and up
  • In-House 3D Art and Design
  • Multiplayer Interactions and Systems
  • Connected Experiences between Devices and Cloud
Interested in Mixed Reality technologies?

We want you as a HelloHolo Pioneer!

Join our team and share your expertise to the community to help others build great holographic apps, or get paid to build mixed reality experiences. Just email us and we'll get back to you.

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...meanwhile, you can stil reach us via email or phone!