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HelloHolo is the first in Singapore to provide developer workshops for Microsoft HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality. Our team is here to help you learn the skills you need to build Mixed Reality apps, and become a valuable asset to the growing industry.

Upcoming Workshops

HoloLens Developer Workshop

Friday, 9 November 2018
8 Hours, 9AM - 6PM
Venue: TBC

Workshop Fee: S$1,000 NETT

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What is Mixed Reality? Why Learn It?

It's time to get ready to build a Mixed Reality World

Mixed Reality is the next generation of computing, that brings digital content into your world.
This new technology is set to disrupt how companies and individuals live, work and play.
As a developer, project manager, CIO or key business decision maker, are you ready for this next wave?

New Types of Apps

Mixed Reality apps interact with your world in real 3D, requiring developers to have a paradigm shift in how they design and develop.

Do you have the skills to create amazing holographic experiences?

New Ways to Work

Devices like Microsoft HoloLens are transforming how industries like architecture and engineering communicate and collaborate.

Do you have the ideas to empower your own teams with MR?

New Eras of Computing

Mixed Reality will be the most important tech of 2017. There is no doubt that people and organizations need to be prepared to make the most of it.

Do you have what it takes to ride at the top of this new wave?

HelloHolo Workshops are here to empower you to use Mixed Reality!

Rong Kang
Technical Lead

Kah Wei
Lead Developer

We're Your Team

Expert Instructors

Our Instructors have gathered a whole wealth of experience in building Mixed Reality apps for Microsoft HoloLens, through our internal projects and external work with clients.
Now, we can't wait to share this knowledge with you, so that YOU can become a force in this new and growing industry!

The HelloHolo Pioneer Tenets:

  • Up-to-Date and Skilled
  • Quick and Insightful
  • Passionate and Helpful
  • Professional yet Personal
Your Potential + Our Knowledge = Great Success

Why learn with HelloHolo?

Pick up the skills and knowledge you require in order to create the next generation of Mixed Reality apps.
Here's what you can expect from all HelloHolo Workshops and our instructors:

Limitless Potential

Join us and explore the possibilities of Mixed Reality technology and HoloLens.

An Experience for All

Our dev workshops are designed for anyone with any experience in coding, in any platform.

Focused Sharing

Get personal with a small class size of 4-8 students, and 1-2 HelloHolo instructors.

Comprehensive Lessons

Our tutorials will take you through building real apps using important Mixed Reality concepts.

Hands-On Approach

Test your apps and those from the Windows Store with actual Microsoft HoloLens devices.

Post-Lesson Benefits

Join an exclusive community of the first people to build apps for HoloLens.

Take the first step with us

Upcoming Workshops

Register for our workshops now – check out our different options to suit your preferred learning outcomes, at affordable pricing.

Gain insights into Microsoft HoloLens, Windows Mixed Reality apps, and how it impacts the way you work. Get hands-on experience and bragging rights by trying out various holographic apps for yourself.
  • 2 hours, S$80 nett
  • Requirements: No experience required!
  • Next Workshop Dates: To be announced
Everything you need to know, end-to-end, to build your own Mixed Reality apps for Microsoft HoloLens. Tutorials will guide you in coding with the Unity 3D and UWP platform and testing with the device. Get familiar with key MR concepts: spatial mapping, gaze, gesture, voice etc.
Arrange a private, closed-door workshop for your team, with content tailored directly for your industry and learning objectives. Go extensively hands-on into scenarios that our instructors will help you to explore.
Impact through Learning

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We are proud to have been able to enable other developers to build the next Mixed Reality.


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